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Technology License Sell

Your IT department is the lifeblood of your organization. It keeps information flowing, which enables worker productivity. Digital transformation is all about business agility. 

Ask us about technology license sell services, IT equipment leasing, SaaS and in the cloud partner solutions advisor support services.

Commitment — Partner Solution Advisor Support

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We always ensure our commitment to our clients through the Service Level Agreements (biz SLAs) we provide. Our partner solution advisor support approach to you is our reliable commitment to business agility and quality.

Dedication — The practice of professional biz consulting

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After scheduling a consultation appointment with ipuzzlebiz, you will get started with free biz orientation tours and case studies to turn our dedication and experience into your potential competitive biz advantage.

Consistency — Cloud, Hosted, SaaS, On-Premises

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We are committed to maintain consistency to deliver our clients the most of what our partner solution advisor support has to offer. We use cutting edge technologies to deliver business agility, accuracy and consistency in our business.

The Value of Independence — Change Your Energy

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iPuzzlebiz is privately held and is solely owned and operated. Founded in 2005, offering the Innuity Inc (Redmond, WA) e-business platform and launched the on-demand photo-ID app for communities in 2011 in

Maintain Competitive Edge — Leasing made Simple

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IT leasing – for greater flexibility. iPuzzlebiz has been registered as a partner in the line of IT equipment leasing service business for Ontario and Quebec provinces since 2016.

Digital Transformation — is all about Business Agility


We help you to evaluate IT aura flexibility including business office equipment needed for an agile biz based upon your biz AGILITY needs & expectations to boost your digital business, business intelligence and business plan with IT equipment leasing options. 

IT Shift ++ — A shift in Power to the more efficient IT Auras

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What makes IT auras capable to have high tech solutions that help you shift your IT environment with greater efficiency—by reducing costs and getting exactly the technology you need when you need it?

Shift in — On-premises data centres to the Cloud

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Both can provide your business with the IT infrastructure it needs. The model you choose will likely depend on the level of security you need in order to meet compliance standards, and on the cost structure you prefer. 

Shift in — Databases to the Data Models

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Today is more important to be able to determine the logical structure of a database and fundamentally determine in which manner data can be stored, organized and manipulated than a decade ago!

Shift in — ERP and monolithic systems to the Apps and APIs

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Even with all the cloud has to offer, customers still need ERP integrations with specialist external applications such as Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS), eCommerce, CRM, BI Tools and many more

Shift in — Business Intelligence to the Big data and analytics


Business Intelligence helps in finding the answers to the business questions we know, whereas Big Data helps us in finding the questions and answers that we didn’t know before.

Shift in — IT departments to the Networked IT structure


The formula for building a great IT department is easy to understand. Measure and track the work, assign it to the right people, and implement rigid quality control. The return on this investment will include more uptime, happier users, and a more fulfilled IT team.


Our professional e-mail messages are intended for those who enjoy technical challenges on current business and technology trends, business events and to inform you of our new offerings. We also introduce you creative ideas and useful resources from our technology partners.

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Consultation with Appointment Only

IT and lease consulting prior to any sales engagement

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