Get simpler, more affordable big data analytics and warehousing

Get simpler, more affordable big data analytics and warehousing with iPuzzlebiz and SAP IQ. Tap into big data at the speed of business – with SAP IQ. This highly optimized RDBMS is now faster and more efficient for extreme-scale data warehousing and big data analytics – so you can transform your company with insights never before practical, or even possible.

Business Warehouse Accelerator Big Data Rewards Focus Area - StruxureWare for Data Center Solutions

SAP IQ provides small businesses an open architecture and low TCO. Larger businesses can benefit from SAP IQ's ability to scale to handle very large volumes of data as well as rapid data loading and query performance. SAP IQ offers you blazingly fast performance, extremely low maintenance, high compression levels and excellent scalability. And like all Sybase technology, SAP IQ is built on open standards that can easily integrate with your existing IT assets.


SAP IQ 30-Day Trial Evaluation

Get a 30-day full-use evaluation of SAP IQ. Gain Big Data analytics support with a native MapReduce API, advanced and flexible Hadoop integration, PMML support, and new APIs for proprietary analytical libraries. 

IQ is a powerful query server designed to increase the speed of query performed against large data. Recommended for deep-dive  components monitoring that spans application servers, servers,  databases, middle-ware, web transactions, virtual resources, cloud  services, and more - all this from a single management console!

Transform  your business and enhance in-the-moment decision making with the latest version of SAP IQ, a highly optimized RDBMS built for extreme-scale Big Data analytics and warehousing. 

Gain an edge in today's data-intensive world by providing deeper insights across your  organization insights never before practical, or even possible!

The Replication Server Real-Time Loading Edition will move you beyond nightly batch loads to continuous loads throughout the day, delivering the operational system changes to your IQ analytics server within minutes of the source transaction change. This product combines Sybase’s proven replication technology with specialized analytics expertise to deliver faster time-to-value. SAP Replication Server Real-Time Loading Edition adds high performance loading capability from Adaptive Server Enterprise and Oracle source databases to IQ analytics server targets. It relieves the pressure of reporting against your transactional systems and establishes a true Operational Data Store for business intelligence.

Find out about the Business Warehouse Accelerator Rewards Focus Area below

  • Unstructured Data Analytics
  • Advanced Security
  • Multiplex Grid
  • Very Large Database Management
  • InDatabase Analytics

The Unstructured (unstructured data either does not have a pre-defined data model and/or does not fit well into relational tables) Data Analytics option allows for the storage and retrieval of unstructured data including full text search and analysis.

The IQ Advanced Security Option supports column encryption, Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)-approved network encryption technology, and LDAP and Kerberos authentication for database connections, operating system logins, and network logins.

SAP Sybase IQ 16 Multiplex Grid option technical overview. The option delivers elastic capacity for high performance Enterprise Data Warehouses.

The InDatabase Analytics Option is a new license type that enables customers to build, deploy and run their own C/C++ User-Defined Functions (UDF). Unlike previous releases, this option is available to all SAP Sybase IQ customers and no longer requires Sybase certification.

Sales and Finance


  • Effort creating reports
  • Speed of creating reports
  • Churn analysis
  • Fast access to metrics
  • Length of planning cycles and 
  • External audit costs

BI and other processes


  • Data loading effort
  • Query performance
  • Data loading speed
  • Profitability analysis
  • Revenue assurance and 
  • Stock overview

Infrastructure / Real-time


  • Database maintenance cost
  • Database administration effort
  • Hardware cost
  • Instant results from Big Data across infinite storage moving BW on top of HANA

SAP Digital Platform

Redefine how your business operates and delivers products and services with the SAP digital platform that support data management and cloud solutions. Manage data from any source, in any format – and rapidly develop, integrate, and extend business applications – all on our open digital platform. 

SAP HANA and Databases

  • Database services
  • Application services
  • Processing services
  • Integration and quality services
  • Real-time enablement and Big Data optimizations

Data Management

  • On-premise, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployment
  • In-memory transactions and analytics
  • Data discovery and governance
  • Data orchestration and integration
  • Data cleansing and enrichment
  • Data storage and computing


Data Integration & Replication

There are numerous challenges to delivering the service availability levels that enterprises demand today. But the consequences of not addressing these challenges effectively can be significant, including reduced corporate agility, unmet service-level agreements, unacceptably high operational costs, user dissatisfaction, and even lost business.

Replication Benefits

  • Improve application reliability
  • Improve read performance
  • Improve transactional commit performance
  • Improve data durability guarantee. 

Heterogeneous data source support

SAP Replication Server supports data compatibility among deployments of SAP ASE, Oracle Enterprise, Microsoft SQL, and IBM DB2

SAP Replication Server is sold by (physical or virtual) CPU cores as part of the Adaptive Server Enterprise platform, and is a component of both the Data Services enterprise edition and Data Integrator premium edition software bundles.

SAP Replication Server, Change Data Capture Edition is designed to continuously load any changed data to SAP Data Services to perform the ETL required for real time business intelligence solutions. 

The changed data source can be from transactional business applications or data warehouses (running on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 or SAP ASE databases).

  • Real time change data capture is achieved without degrading the performance of the primary sour application with a high-speed transaction log replication method
  • Data integrity maintained at the transaction level hence supporting industry regulations requiring strict transaction tracking
  • Because of the way Replication Server works - it eliminates any additional data governance risks by ensuring that data is applied exactly as it was captured on the primary side
  • Real-time replication ensures that the analyzes and reports you get from your business intelligence systems provide a holistic, up-to-the-minute view of your business
  • Achieve high level of decision-making support by supplying analytics and business intelligence systems with a continuous stream of integrated data from multiple data sources across the organization
  • Provides reliable data delivery from data sources to SAP Data Services


Data Ethics Policy, Big Data and Data Quality Management Consultation



For digital businesses that want to infuse business decisions with valuable context from new data sources, SAP HANA Vora™ is an in-memory query engine that plugs into the Apache Spark execution framework to provide enriched interactive analytics on data stored in Hadoop. It lets you combine Big Data with corporate data in a way that is both simple and fast. 

Business Managers Strive to Make Big Data Transformation

Research data compiled by Harvard Business Review Analytics Service clearly shows that big data represents a transformational opportunity for many companies. Advances in mobile, sensor, and social technologies generate external sources of big data that can be used to invent new business models and create new ways of working. Imagine being able to link your customer data with social sentiment data or weather patterns to better anticipate demand for your company’s cold-weather products line. 

Video: SAP HANA Vora Overview

Learn how iPuzzlebiz can help you use SAP solutions to gain an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

Hana Vora Enterprise Edition 24 Month Term license

Bridge the gap between Enterprise data and Big Data!

HANA Vora is an in-memory query engine which leverages an extended Spark execution framework and provides OLAP capabilities on top of Hadoop data.

Technical Features of Hana Vora:    

  • Enables OLAP Modeling on Hadoop & boosts SQL performance – Compared to 3rd party tools that exist today for building queries on Hadoop data, Vora provides a simple graphical interface to model data and build star schemas. Businesses can leverage their existing developers to build models in Vora.

  • Builds Hierarchies & Enables Drill down on Hadoop Data – Vora provides the capability to build hierarchies and drill down on Hadoop data, which is very difficult to realize with the current tools available in the market today.


SAP Sybase IQ Very Large Database Management Option

Very Large Database Management (VLDB) enhances the manageability of very large data sets, to partition data logically in a range of values, and to partition data in logical groups of objects called table spaces

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