High-Demand Products

When you buy a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 for business, you sign up for a set of applications and services that you pay for on a monthly or annual basis. We accept cash, cheque, debit and credit cards. We also help you migrate G Suite by Google Cloud mailboxes to Office 365 or from Exchange or Office 365 to G Suite.

Microsoft Office 365 for Business


Fast, Easy Setup. Accessible Anywhere, Any Time & On Any Device. Compare Plans! Types: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, Access, OneDrive, Outlook and more.

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G Suite by Google Cloud


An integrated suite of secure, cloud-native collaboration and productivity apps powered by Google AI. Includes Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Meet and more.

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CRM + Email power tool entirely inside Gmail

NEW Products from Lenovo

Pre-configured, in stock models designed to help you drive faster success

Storage - Easy to manage, simple to scale, always available

The new TS4300 leverages a modular 3U chassis that's designed to meet long-term storage requirements. Starting with a single 3U base module, customers can scale by adding up to six expansion modules, providing a total capacity of up to 272 LTO cartridges.

Significant refresh for the ThinkSystem™ DS Series SAN Storage Controllers

With a new firmware release, new and existing customers will get enhanced performance as well as additional security, manageability, and expansion features.

Data Center Solution Configurator (DCSC) ThinkSystem, ThinkAgile and System x Configurator

With Lenovo’s new primary data center configuration tool, we can help you develop the advanced workload solutions that you need to succeed today!    


Freshchat - The messaging solution for sales, engagement, and support

Server Hosting & Private Cloud


Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server Hosting Offers – Budget, Pro, Enterprise and Custom Dedicated Servers

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Private Cloud

If you are looking for a Cloud/VPS pool with local disk storage, or a Private Cloud with a dedicated Storage Server, or even a Serious Enterprise Cloud with a real SAN as disk store – we can build it all! 

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Instant Dedicated Server & Colocation

3x USA Tier-IV DC

20% off: K16ZC


50% off first month: a50off1m


Change Microsoft Online Service Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I already have monthly licenses; can I move them to annual? Yes, just coordinate this with CSP Team to process this (microsoftcspcanada@ipuzzlebiz.tech)
  • Can I have monthly & annual plans on the same contract? No, for reporting and billing simplification, it is recommended that each end user be either monthly or annual on ALL products.
  • What if I want to move back to monthly mid-contract? After 30 days of annual license purchase, you can’t move back to monthly before the renewal.
  • Can I have monthly add-on products on an annual billed product? No. Add-On products will follow the same billing model as their primary.

Example: If you have Business Premium on annual billing and add Additional Storage to it, the Additional Storage will also be on Annual Billing.


Identity, Device, Application, Email and Document SECURITY for CDN$ 25.30 /user/month at IPUZZLEBIZ.

Featured Products

New products are coming soon!

Cloud-based business intelligence platform for marketing agencies

Big Data

Business Warehouse Accelerator Rewards Focus Area

Sales and Finance: Effort creating reports, Speed of creating reports and Churn analysis. Fast access to metrics, Length of planning cycles and External audit costs

Business Intelligence and other processes: Data loading effort, Query performance and Data loading speed. Profitability analysis, Revenue assurance and Stock overview.

Infrastructure / real-time: Database maintenance cost, Database administration effort & Hardware cost. Instant results from Big Data across infinite storage moving BW on top of HANA


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Task & Project Management Tool Inside Gmail