Everything is becoming electronically connected to everything else: products, people, companies, countries, everything. The connectivity has led to “the death of distance,” a shrinking of space.


APC by Schneider Electric™ is the innovator and thought leader in providing scalable, modular, and highly efficient power and cooling solutions.  

APC offers the only end-to-end dynamic solution for the virtualized data center, with top-rated power and cooling, exclusive software, and the racks and accessories to enable you to design and deploy a customized infrastructure that fully supports your customers‟ virtual and physical data centers. 

With this winning combination, APC by Schneider Electric data centers achieve the highest availability and cost savings in the industry.

  • Pre-fabricated Modular Data Centers with DCMI for monitoring and control
  • Physical Infrastructure Solutions that are designed to work together and optimally support the performance of your active equipment
  • Pre-configured solutions consisting of fiber and copper connectivity, cable management, PDUs and access control that combine to optimize both air flow management for heat containment and rack-level security

Let us help you deliver the right power management solutions. CyberPower designs, engineers and manufactures UPS systems, PDUs, surge protectors, and connectivity products for IT Professionals and power enthusiasts.

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IT Infrastructure and Device Monitoring

  • Real-time, Centralized monitoring & Control
  • Device groups
  • Critical information accessible by multiple users
  • Graphical trending Analysis
  • Use-defined reports and graphs
  • Custom reporting
  • Alarms
  • Surveillance
  • Mass configuration
  • Open and flexible architecture
  • Integration


  • Perform Systems Design, Planning and Technical Negotiations (APIs, Division of Tasks, File Formats, Interfaces, etc.) for/between Departments, Business Units and Companies.  
  • Negotiate as an Authorized Representative for a Company, Business Unit or Departmental Group.  
  • Negotiate as a Neutral Third Party between Companies, Business Units or Departmental Groups

data center administration


  • Design and Development towards a goal of maximum portability.  
  • Portability Enhancements, Re-Design for Portability.  
  • Porting of Applications and Source Code Across Varied Platforms.

StruxureWare for Data Centres

This suite integrates market-leading, data centre-focused software applications to deliver the actionable information that expert users, facility, and IT teams need to keep the data centre operating with an ideal balance of high availability and peak efficiency. It is called Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

There are different flavours of DCIM: SMB - The APC Legacy, Bigger Data Centers - Schneider Electric, Segments - Banking, Hospitals and Manufacturing AND Specialized Data Centers

Rack Power checkup

StruxureWare suites address unique business needs across buildings, industrial plants, and data centres. Each suite delivers seamless integration with third-party offers and legacy systems as well as a scalable platform and consistent user experience.


Design and Development of:  

  • Multi-Threaded, Networked, Multi-User, Client/Server Applications.  
  • Networked and Internet-Based Client/Server Systems.

Data Center Infrastructure Management: Complex data center environments cause organizations to look for intelligent infrastructure management systems to solve issues concerning: Converged management, IT Optimization, Energy Efficiency, Virtualization and Multi-tenant.

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  • Communications Related Development:  
    • Protocols  
    • Protocol Engines  
    • Applications  
    • Systems 
  • Design of Applications and Systems which Communicate via:  
    • Asynchronous RS-232 Serial Connections  
    • Modems  
    • Networks: LAN and WAN  
    • Internet  
    • Inter-Process Communications Methods 
  • Communications Tuning: Configure Serial, Modem and Network Devices for:  
    • Maximum Efficiency  
    • Maximum Reliability  
    • Maximum Throughput  
    • Overall Performance


Development for Designed-In Cross-Platform Connectivity and Interoperability.

Power Monitoring

  • Decrease number of power outages and reduce the duration time of the outages
  • Improve the effectiveness of Maintenance Activities
  • Manage Power Loading and Balancing
  • Improve Power Distribution Efficiency
  • Simplify Customer Energy Billing

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