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The Serious Environmental Awareness Series. "Wise Ethical Investment Always to Find Legal Profits" is the ace of the base of huge green job opportunity creations ahead worldwide. Educate Yourself and Those Around You!

product compliance and sustainability

Productivity Automation as a Service

A great platform for Environmental Campaigns and NGOs 

iPuzzlebiz recommends Braidio's platform for environmental campaigns and NGOs with a strong hold on knowledge and knowledge sharing techniques! 

  • Cloud-based social learning platform accessible anytime from any device
  • Toolkits to enable managers to drive dialogue with direct reports and environmental campaign learning into real-life situations
  • Always-on volunteer-specific trainings and help desk functions to boost campaign success
  • Learning-focused live chat and video to boost collaboration and knowledge-sharing amongst volunteers and managers from across the different child campaigns

Starter Teams is offered for up to 100 users or less. Braidio for Teams offers unlimited workstreams for your small- to large-sized campaign when the Enterprise Grid powers the design, usage, and administration of multiple interconnected Slack workspaces across your entire campaign.

For business

Braidio WorkStreams™ Packages available at iPuzzlebiz with discounts. Braidio currently integrates with Salesforce, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Google Drive,, QuickBooks, Trello and many more.

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Science & Technology


Environmental IT Software

Creating value and timeless treasures through:

  • history timeline transparency
  • politics
  • procurement and 
  • environmental requirements management for sustainability assessment

Following the theme of:

  • smart sustainability
  • green productivity and 
  • prosperous sensitivity analysis

e!Sankey License Key Discount

If you are a chemical, environmental or process engineer, a professional in quality management, logistics or finance, you can use e!Sankey diagrams to display flow quantities in a production system. Numerous display and scaling options help you get the best Sankey diagrams for your presentation.

The most popular software for creating Sankey diagrams. isualize the material & energy flow or value streams in your company or along the supply chain. Share these appealing diagrams in reports or presentations

Download a trial version! – 8.5MB - Shareware – Windows

e!Sankey - a software tool to easily create Sankey diagrams. A Sankey diagram is a directional flow chart where the width of the arrows is proportional to the quantity of flow. Sankey diagrams are a useful way of visualizing material flows, energy or costs. 

Sankey diagrams can be used to frame important discussions around energy and material resources, use and disposition. These new diagrams provide federal, state and local planners, governmental agencies, educators and nongovernmental organizations with detailed information to support decision-making about public investment in innovation and energy-water policy.

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The leading tool for material flow analysis.

Learn about ecoinvent (video)


Green IT House Blog

Organizational Knowledge and "the" Green Political Party Performance

Sustainability Assessment (SA) is a complex appraisal method. It is conducted for supporting decision-making and policy in a broad environmental, economic and social context, and transcends a purely technical/scientific evaluation.

Executive level recorded webinar, featured article: 

Your partners on the way to the Digital Circular Economy (iPoint and ifu)

iPoint is a market leader in data collection, tracking and reporting throughout the entire supply chain, from product conception all the way through the recycling process to eventual re-use.

Social Responsibility

  • Health and Safety 
  • Environment 
  • Ethics and Governance 

Sustainability Assessment (SA) is a complex appraisal method. It is conducted for supporting decision-making and policy in a broad environmental, economic and social context, and transcends a purely technical/scientific evaluation. 

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Circular Economy, which allows companies and society to manufacture, use, and re-use truly sustainable products, with digital data – an approach that is called "Digital Circular Economy" at iPoint. ifu Hamburg‘s software solutions for sustainable production are an ideal match for iPoint‘s expertise in the area of product compliance.


World Environment Day

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World Environment Day

World Environment Day is the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment.

Share your information and join the fight against air pollution

Learn about Ontario’s rich biodiversity and natural resources with the Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan

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Environmental Awareness Green Campaign Red Slogans

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Google provides easy tools to engage students anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Sustainability contest for social entrepreneurs: Circular Economy 2030

Enter Challenge to Address Worsening Gap Between Consumption and Available Resources

Whether you’re innovating eco-friendly packaging solutions or optimizing energy use, submit your idea for building a sustainable world. 

Circular Economy Google Cloud and SAP 2030 Contest (video)

To learn more about the contest and how to enter, please visit: 

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Sustainability is an enterprise-wide initiative to meet challenges of waste reduction, energy and water conservation, and better communicate with stakeholders, shareholders, and customers. With every sustainability goal utilize expertise of a competent regulatory partner to complement internal teams.

Strive towards proactive EHSM compliance with

  • Incident Management
  • EHS Risk Management
  • Occupational Health*
  • Management of Change
  • Maintenance Safety and Permit to Work (SAP S/4HANA)

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Thank You for Helping Save the Environment

Learn about the environmental activists battleground and other challenges in Global Witness .ORG

History Intelligence Transparency - Take Responsibility For Your Learning

History intelligence transparency is essential for the green environmental campaigns success

Designate a big data history intelligence transparency space designed for your environmental campaigns that you can fill up with as many data as your heart desires to override geo-politics with geo-technical essential for your green campaign success.

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Use productivity as a service platforms that can contain and group* scientific articles, long mission statements, company policies, executive profiles, detailed learning experiences, company awards/distinctions, office locations, shareholder reports, whitepapers, media mentions and other pieces of history timeline for natural and human built environments.

* Learn about powerful automated indexing and search capabilities 

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