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Who is a user on GSuite?

A user on GSuite is a personalized email address (i.e you@yourcompany).

Does GSuite offer users free trials?

Yes, GSuite offers users with a free trial version.

How long does the free trial last for?

GSuite offers you a trial version that lasts for 14 days.

How do I make payments on GSuite?

After your free trial on GSuite, you can make payments by credit card. You may also be able to pay by direct debit depending on the location of your business.

Can I add and delete users from my paid plan on GSuite?

Yes, you can add and remove users from your plan at any time on GSuite.

How often will I be billed for the paid plans on GSuite?

For the paid plans on GSuite, you will be billed monthly. 

Can I purchase separate GSuite apps?

No, you cannot. When you register for GSuite, you will be given access to a set of apps that work perfectly together.

Are there any differences between GSuite and Google's free apps?

Yes, there are. GSuite offers you business-grade features such as Custom Business Email, Phone and Email Support, Two Step Authentication and Single Sign-on which are not available on Google's free consumer apps.

Is my data on GSuite encrypted?

Yes, GSuite encrypts core customer data uploaded to the software or created in GSuite services. The software encrypts data at rest, so you don't have to take any particular action to do so.

Is the GSuite software HIPAA compliant?

Yes, GSuite supports customers' compliance with the U.S Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Can I import my previous data such as email, calendar events, and contacts to GSuite?

Yes, you can bring your previous email, calendar events, and contacts to GSuite.

Can someone else apart from me set up GSuite for my company?

Yes, you can get in touch with a GSuite Partner to help you evaluate, customize, deploy, and transition to GSuite.

Can a user have more than one email address on GSuite?

Yes, you can have multiple email addresses only by creating aliases, for example, support@yourcompany.

How many email aliases can a user have on GSuite?

A user can have up to 30 email aliases on a GSuite account


GSuite allows you to make decisions faster and face-to-face, using shared Calendars to enable you to see when others are available, and use automatic email invites to schedule meetings. It also provides you with the ability to turn your meeting in a video conference call using any camera-enabled device.

The software also allows you collaborate in real time by providing you with Documents, Spreadsheets, and Slides, over all your devices. A group of people can work on a document from all over the world and can make changes to the documents which save automatically. Users can also store and share files on the cloud ensuring that all your work is kept in a secure location. You can also invite team members to view, download, and collaborate on any on-going project.

GSuite allows you to connect with your team members and colleagues anywhere in the world and at any time, with applications such as Gmail, Calendar, Hangout Meets, etc. GSuite also gives users the ability to design and create documents that can help bring their projects to life, with tools such as Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Slides, etc. to create amazing projects.

GSuite helps you store files in a secure location, and provides you with the ability to locate them instantly with tools such as Drive and Google Cloud Search to store and locate your files.

GSuite also helps you manage users, devices, and data easily, and in a secure manner. To achieve this, you can use applications such as Admin, Vault, and Mobile.

G Suite Promotion Code

Business email through Gmail (included in Basic and Business)

Get business email addresses with your company name (you@yourcompany). You can also create group email aliases such as sales@yourcompany.

Video and voice conferencing (included in Basic and Business)

Use Hangouts to connect with up to 25 people within or outside of your organization via HD video, voice, and text. You can save money and time on travel, while still getting the benefits of meeting face to face.

Smart shared calendars (included in Basic and Business)

Use shareable calendars to easily schedule meetings with teammates. Calendar integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Drive, and Hangouts so you always know what's next.

Documents,spreadsheets, and presentations (included in Basic and Business)

Create and edit text documents, robust spreadsheets, and beautiful presentations across devices. Share files with teammates and work in the same file at the same time. No more version control issues or emailing files back and forth.

24/7 support by phone, email and online (included in Basic and Business)

Call or email Google support to get help from a live person whenever you need it. You can also find fast answers online in our help center.

Security and administration controls (included in Basic and Business)

Easily add users, manage devices, and configure security settings so your data stays safe. Security options like 2-step verification, mobile device management, and SSO are included.


Unlimited cloud storage (included in Basic with the limit of 30GB and unlimited for Business)

Use Drive to keep all your work files in one secure place with unlimited cloud-based file storage (accounts with fewer than 5 users get 1TB per user). Access your files whenever you need them from your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Archive and set retention policies for emails and chats (included in Business)

Control how long your email messages and on-the-record chats are retained. Specify policies for your entire domain or based on organizational units, date ranges, and specific terms.

eDiscovery for emails, chats, and files (included in Business)

eDiscovery is the process of searching and retrieving information in electronic format. It is useful for legal matters and prevents data loss from employee turnover.

Audit reports to track user activity (included in Business)

Use Vault to track user activity. Robust audit trails let you see searches, message views, exports, and more.

Data loss prevention for Gmail

Prevent leakage of sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, via emails. Set up policy-based actions to notify the admin, add warnings to message headers, or block emails from being sent when sensitive content is detected.

Data loss prevention for Drive

Prevent unauthorized sharing of files with sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, stored in Drive. Use over 50 detectors for sensitive content matching plus create custom rules to provide warnings or block sharing.

Google Cloud Security

Google Cloud Security

Integrate Gmail with compliant 3rd-party archiving tools

Meet complex email compliance requirements by integrating Gmail with a compliant third-party archiving tool of your choice.

Enterprise-grade access control with security key enforcement

Admins can require security key usage to log in to G Suite, preventing other less secure methods of access.

Gmail log analysis in BigQuery

Seamlessly access Gmail logs in BigQuery to run sophisticated, high-performing custom queries, analyze your data, and build custom dashboards.