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Partner Spotlight - IT Shift Programs

Fiorano® IT Strategy Best Practices

Clearly, no two companies have exactly the same organization, product or infrastructure, but the efforts of information technology elites during years of practice and suffering have produced clear and aligned frameworks for the representation of IT strategy best practice. 

Well-run, or mature, development strategies provide variety of process and control points and reap quality product as the benefit of their status among “mature” organizations.

At iPuzzlebiz, professional IT shift programs and Fiorano* Partner Solution Support are subject to the directorate of your IT business policy and scope of the policy exercise.

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Professional IT consulting prior to any Fiorano sales engagement where we pursue your request. 

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When you don't need the iPuzzlebiz IT shift orientation tour


When your IT landscape applications is connected in an orderly fashion & easily scalable


When you can simplify specifying business processes and workflow creation


If you already have a high performance, scalable and reliable messaging platform


If you can provide the best benefits of centralized & distributed architectures


If it is easy to create & consume services which support the business process


You can currently support industry standard integration protocols


Provide enterprise wide visibility of connected applications (down to each node & service levels)


It is easy to minimize monitoring & enterprise wide debugging of application connectivity

Challenges Faced by CIOs & Technology Heads


No real-time access to information across the enterprise


Complex process of on-boarding partners and other stakeholders


Rigid and hardcoded business processes


Increased expenditure on maintaining multiple integrations


Long implementation timelines for launching new products 

What to expect from the iPuzzlebiz & Fiorano Partner Support

We can help you develop IT strategies that are tightly aligned to your business goals and corporate priorities to deliver the highest IT values

  • Independent Integration Backbone
    (Extends across heterogeneous application platforms) 
  • No rip-and-replace
    (Leverages existing IT assets and exposes them as reusable services) 
  • Scalable Operations
    (Start small and grow as needed with proven and scalable infrastructure) 
  • No steep learning curve
    (Leverage existing developer skill-set) 
  • Accelerate Application Deployment
    (Reuse existing services to create composite applications) 
  • Standard Based Framework
    (Reduce risk through freedom of choice) 
  • Rapid App Development
    (Codeless nature speeds up development) 
  • Plug-n-Play
    (100+ prebuilt adapters for outright connectivity) 
  • Reduce Projects Delays
    (Bridge communication gaps by aligning IT with business)

* Fiorano is a global Corporation with proven leadership in Integration middleware, API Management and peer-to-peer distributed systems.


Fiorano ESB Community Edition (Open Source)

The Fiorano ESB Core is Open Source & built on top of industry standards including OSGi (Apache Karaf) and JMS. Fiorano's Open source Platform provides life cycle management of microservices, microservice flows and automates communication between microservices using Fiorano ESB Community Edition.

It enables application integration by choreographing Microservices into asynchronous flows via the Fiorano Studio and associated tools. The transport is pluggable and the user may choose any available JMS engine including Apache ActiveMQ, Tibco EMS, JBoss Messaging, IBM Websphere MQ or FioranoMQ.

Fiorano ESB Community Edition ships with:

  • Fiorano ESB Community Edition Server: An OSGi container built on top of Apache Karaf which acts as both manager and runtime for microservices 
  • Messaging Engine: The messaging engine is pluggable and the user may choose any available JMS engine including Apache ActiveMQ, Tibco EMS, JBoss Messaging, IBM Websphere MQ or FioranoMQ
  • Microservice Toolkit: Open source toolkit to develop and monetize new microservices
  • eStudio: An orchestration Tool based on Eclipse

Schedule a demonstration at IPUZZLEBIZ.TECH  to:

  • Gain an appreciation for the differences among open source ESBs on the market
  • Learn about core features that are required for an enterprise class ESB
  • Understand how Fiorano OpenESB differs from other open source ESBs, because of its asynchronous internal architecture, multi-language microservices support, and simple application model

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Enterprise Service Buses were all the rage in the enterprise integration arena ten years ago, as they formed the backbone of most SOA efforts. Today, the world has moved to the cloud, REST has come to dominate the API economy and many ESBs have gone open source.

However, existing open-source ESBs are not designed to be enterprise ready. On the other hand Fiorano OpenESB will bring the benefits of an established and enterprise class ESB to a bigger volume of developer community. 

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Fiorano Certified Training

Although Fiorano's solution deployments require minimal consulting/training services, don't leave your implementation and deployment to chance. It is our experience that formal training by Fiorano engineers and the involvement of a Fiorano consultant during the initial deployment increases the success rate and accelerates a quick path to establishing a solid service-oriented architecture across the organization.

Fiorano now provides Fiorano Certified Professional Training courses. The training program is designed to provide significant hands-on experience to developers in creating, editing, deploying and managing event-processes. This training includes System & Platform Architecture with a focus on the underlying asynchronous message-based semantics of the platform.

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This is crucial to project success and necessary for the development team to become productive and effective. To find out more or to schedule a training course for your team contact us!

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Microservice-centric development model

Projects can now be completed with half the programmers in half the time as compared to previous approaches by both open-source and commercial products

With a microservice-centric development model, productive composition tools and a distributed, scalable cloud-enabled architecture, Fiorano brings the ultimate integration technology into the hands of the global development community