Microsoft Cloud and Retail Services

We can help you take advantage better of Microsoft products and solutions

Obtaining Retail Products

Some licenses may require media, license keys, or setup codes. Installing some products may require you to download the software from the Volume Licensing Service Centre and enter a license key. You may download any available version or language for your product. 

The license key allows you to install the product on as many computers as you have received licenses for. This quantity is specified in the email you receive from iPuzzlebiz after requesting the product. Under the Software Assurance program, you have the right to install any new release of products covered in the agreement during the term of your coverage.


Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 Support from IPUZZLEBIZ

Secure Productivity for all your users--from iPuzzlebiz Partner Solution Advisor Support Team

Main Features

  • Empower everyone to be more productive,securely by using Microsoft 365 from iPuzzlebiz, including Office 365,Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Always up to date
  • Proactive insights
  • Intelligent security,built-in
  • Support and guidance from trusted Canadian partner

Microsoft 365 Enterprise from iPuzzlebiz always include these core benefits

  •  24x7x365 Canada-based administrator support for reactive break/fix, service issues and help and how-to
  • Microsoft tenant and subscription provisioning
  • Billing from IPUZZLEBIZ, leasing and credit card options
  • Flexible monthly or annual billing options
  • Ability to decrease license counts or downgrade plans at no additional cost (monthly billing only)

Valuable onboarding services for Office 365, EM+S and Windows 10 Enterprise

  •  Review of features and functionality of the services
  • Initial configuration including certificate installation, device enrollment rules and configuration policies
  • Azure Information Protection configuration
  • Windows 10 config including test device enrollments

To further accelerate deployment of Microsoft 365 to benefit your business, upgrade to Microsoft 365 Enterprise offerings with the following included services from our Partner Solution Advisor Support

  • Simplify the move to Office 365 by having iPuzzlebiz migrate email from the most common source systems with the help of iPuzzlebiz Partner Solution Advisor Cloud Support every step of the way
  • Protect valuable data by backing up Office 365 data and email to the cloud with third-party cloud Backups
  • Synchronize users, groups and passwords to and from the cloud with two-way sync with Active Directory
  • Reduce help-desk calls by enabling Self-Service password reset and branding of your login page to match your company’s branding
  • Understand how to use Office 365 Secure Score to evaluate the security of your company’s data and our included services to act on recommendations
  • Further secure your devices with additional included device and application policies
  • Accelerate your deployment by enrolling mobile devices and Windows 10
  • iPuzzlebiz Partner Solution Advisor Support will assist with configuring multi-factor authentication to improve device security
  • Understand with iPuzzlebiz help how to use Single Sign On to reduce the number of passwords your users use to access cloud-based services

Azure Open SKUs - Commercial, Government and Academic

For adCALs, ECLs, and management licenses (MLs) offered through iPuzzlebiz are always for the currently offered version of the server software. However, these licenses can also be used with earlier versions of the server software. ditional information about the available editions of Windows Server and the server and client licensing requirements, see the Guide to Windows Server Editions and Licensing.

Windows Azure Cloud Services support scalable, reliable, and low-admin  applications, and it's an example of what's commonly called Platform as a Service (PaaS). SQL Azure is a DBMS in the cloud. it's a Platform as a  Service (PaaS) with the administrative capabilities such as:

  • manage the hardware infrastructure
  • keep the database and O.S up to date
  • distribute data across multiple servers And
  • data stored in SQL Database can be accessed from different client systems, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones

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Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server implementation & maintenance supports professional services

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  • RAID level 0, 1 and 5 policy determination
  • Create connection policy to SQL Server, certificate and Agent proxy
  • Create linked servers, SQL logins, Views and SELECT Permissions and triggers
  • Maintain database role, mail, mirroring, partners, restore, and snapshots
  • SQLXML Strategies to store XML data and indexes in SQL Server
  • XML Performance by choosing the correct indexing strategy
  • Create maintenance plan with SSIS package such as backups and re-indexing
  • Build complex queries (temporary tables, stored procedures* and FLWOR expressions)
  • Create non-cluster indexes, rebuild/population indexes and update table statistics
  • Backup and restore strategy (Full, differential and transaction log automation)
  • Supervise corporate wide replication processes using SSRM
  • Core Architectural Components Strategy 
  • Job schedules to check database for errors

Maintenance Program with Powershell Scripts

Maintenance Program with Powershell Scripts is designed for clients who want a  proactive approach to IT maintenance that brings peace of mind. This  method of preventative maintenance will ensure issues are resolved  before they become disasters and keep the network running as securely  and efficiently as possible.

It provides clients with necessary Powershell scripts to automate all aspects of system administration for  computers running in Microsoft Windows operating system such as Cmdlets  command automation, Scripts and Pipelining, Windows Management  Instrumentation - WMI and Active Directory Services Interfaces - ADSI  and ADO to manipulate client's operating system. 


SQL Server Backup Solution

Using Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server, a cohesive and intuitive backup  solution, is critical to ensure a secure live database backup that can  be quickly recovered. This  powerful product includes an intuitive wizard-driven GUI that guides you through the scheduling process and reduces the possibility for errors. 

The Backup Strategy Assistant creates a Disaster Recovery Plan for your  environment, delivering step-by-step instructions for recovery. Anyone,  whether an experienced DBA or not, can schedule backup jobs and restore a system rapidly. Acronis even provides FTP capability for storing your  backup on any FTP server, worldwide.

All Inclusive SQL Server Implementation and Maintenance

All Inclusive SQL Server Implementation and Maintenance is the perfect  choice for businesses that put great demands on their server computers  and do not want to worry about fluctuating costs every month. This will ensure you stay "Top Priority" and ensure "almost-never-a-bill"  coverage.

This plan provides you with the same level of service as  having an IT staff taking care of a clean installation and maintenance  of Windows and SQL Server. 

If you are not sure that this subscription is the best option for you, schedule a consultation before placing your order online!

Microsoft Exchange Server Recovery Solution

While there are core areas of expertise, we constantly look for new domains, new processes to take on and add to our list of our supported Microsoft back office services list.

One of the most important responsibilities of a database administrator is  to make sure that all the databases are backed up across environments  managed by them. Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange is a fast,  flexible and easy solution to centrally manage backup and disaster  recovery of Microsoft Exchange Server databases in a networked  environment. 

The planning and implementation of the backup and disaster recovery  strategies are facilitated by a wizard-driven graphical user interface  providing step-by-step instructions. Administrators can effectively protect Microsoft Exchange Server databases and  granularly restore the entire database, mailboxes, specific elements or  individual messages.

During  the restore process all systems remain active, allowing users to access  e-mail services. Thus, Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange ensures  maximum availability and productivity.


Microsoft Select License is a software volume licensing program designed for corporate, government, and academic customers with 250 or more desktops and mixed product and purchasing requirements. Select License customers receive a volume price level for each pool of products selected (applications, systems, or servers) based on a three-year software forecast.


Software Assurance

Microsoft's Software Assurance gives you automatic access to new technology and provides productivity benefits, support, tools, and training to help deploy and use software efficiently.

With Software Assurance, you receive access to new versions of licensed software released during the term of your agreement to deploy at your own pace.

New Version Rights simplifies the procurement process and shortens the business process cycle, allowing you to reduce the costs associated with acquiring new version releases and immediately take advantage of the latest technology.