SAP Design Thinking (People, Technology and Business)

We can help you optimize your investment in SAP design thinking initial license purchases for Software in Applications, Analytics, Cloud, Mobile, Database and Technology.


SAP Design Thinking - We help you make more-informed investment decisions in line with your area of responsibility, specific business requirements, business acceleration and solution specialization. 

CPU / Core-based Pricing Model

CPU-based price calculation rests on the number of CPUs — arranged in order of the number of cores — that are to be enabled to use the application and/or database software. 

SAP Design Thinking - Some products require no further access licenses (e.g. compare with Microsoft Client Access License, CAL). This means that the number of clients who may access the application and/or database server is unlimited.


User-based Price Model

SAP Design Thinking - This model counts the number of Concurrent Users (Seats) authorized to simultaneously access the application and/or database, independently of the CPUs on which the database or application server software runs.

A User (Seat) is defined as an instance of application software running on a stationary or mobile client and which maintains a connection to the application and/or database. Whether the user is a person or a machine is irrelevant.

Key optimizations

  • Identifying inactive users
  • Identifying duplicate users
  • Assigning the optimal named user license type to each user

Value Contract

iPuzzlebiz offers a bulk discount ranging between 5% and 40% on the base price depending on the project. These discounts rightfully belong at the forefront of any discussion of SAP license optimization and each can bring significant cost savings to an enterprise. 

However, some related topics also deserve consideration. For example, non-SAP systems that exchange information with SAP systems require a license, as do users of these systems. 

SAP License Administration Workbench

SAP Design Thinking - iPuzzlebiz will help you create a value contract by working on the case weather is there a considerable difference between the LAW* report of licenses consumed (allocated to users) and the actual usage of the system for different categories of SAP licenses at your company.

* The License Administration Workbench (LAW) supports you during the License Audit Process for complex system landscapes. License Administration Workbench supports users to perform an SAP license audit, consolidating user and engine measurement data from all SAP systems into a single license position.


SAP Best Practices

Software Packages may be delivered with settings and master data that have been pre-configured to address the requirements of a specific industry sector or country (SAP Best Practices). SAP Best Practices are only available for use in test/development systems, not in productive systems.

SAP Tools

The Software, particularly the ABAP Workbench and SAP NetWeaver, contains software tools. Licensee may only use these tools to program Modifications or to create Add-ons to the SAP software in accordance with the Agreement. The tools may not be transferred, either in whole or in part, into modified or created software.

Function Modules

SAP Design Thinking - The Software may contain function modules, which are stored in a function library. Some of these function modules carry a release indicator for transfer into modified or newly created software. Only these function modules may be transferred by the Licensee into Modifications or Add-ons to the software. The function modules may not be modified or decompiled unless otherwise permitted under the Agreement.

Prices and conditions for SAP licenses are available upon request. 

License offers are exclusively for commercial users. 

Licensing Cloud Solutions

SAP offers several comprehensive cloud-computing solutions through an on-demand or software-as-a-service delivery model. Cloud solutions from SAP are built to support your business processes and manage your most important assets: people, money, customers, and suppliers. 

These cloud solutions are priced on a monthly subscription basis. For most of SAP cloud-based offerings, the monthly subscription fee is based on the number of named users. In some cases, however, the fee is calculated based on business metrics such as number of employees or spend volume. (SAP Design Thinking)


Move out of the emotions, and wonders of the technology!

It is time to have a quantitative assessment of your future endeavor. Discover what are the different SAP HANA technology options to adopt into your current functional and technical landscape in your Enterprise and list all the possible implementation options available for your Enterprise.

Numbers will give you a very clear picture, of what are you and your Enterprise are heading with the investment, will help you to have a more professional approach.

HANA Road map - A very serious and systematic analysis process

  • Discover what are the different SAP HANA technology options to adopt
  • Define key business value and key implementation value measures for each HANA option
  • Assign values to each key performance indicator and weight each of your implementation options
  • Produce a pain / gain chart