SAP Mobile Solutions

 SAP mobile solutions offer you various functionality through a wide range of mobile apps and underlying infrastructure ("mobile platform") that integrate with SAP and non-SAP systems for secure access to business processes - anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


The "SAP Mobile Platform" package allows you to build and deploy mobile apps with an infrastructure that lets you centrally manage and secure mobile devices, apps, and data.

Benefits of SAP Mobility

  • Ease of configuration with group policy approach as well as self-services portal for users
  • Simplified device management through remote setup and decommissioning
  • High scalability to meet the demands of the world's largest enterprises
  • Support for end-to-end security using for secure access to back-end data and data encryption
  • Advanced activity reports with drill-down options to create highly visual analytics

Think outside of the office with mobile analytics from SAP

SAP Mobile BI solutions is an affordable way to give your entire team an immersive mobile experience designed to increase their productivity and efficiency.


Mobile Strategy Map

Tap into secure information from anywhere. Make smarter decisions based on real-time visibility into big data. Manage mobile applications across departments. And much more.

With mobile analytics from SAP, you get the best of both worlds – mobility and business analytics. Our comprehensive solution helps you:

  • Address customer issues proactively
  • Make sure your sales and field reps have the data they need to answer customer questions on the spot
  • Navigate information intuitively in ad-hoc and free form ways
  • Lower total cost of ownership through reuse of deployed BI reports and platform functionality

In addition, only SAP Mobile Analytics allows you to customize the way you view large amounts of data with easy to use interactive charts and dashboards that help guide decision-making and manage risk. 

SAP mobile platform licensing

We license this package for individual mobile apps as a run-time option or for "full use" to run mobile apps from SAP mobile solutions, create an unlimited number of your own apps, or run an unlimited number of third party apps. The full-used license is based on number of mobile users, while the run-time license is based on number of users per app. These "SAP Mobile Platform" licenses are a prerequisite when licensing a mobile app.

Mobile apps from SAP allow you to extend your business processes to any of your employee's mobile devices. SAP mobile apps are licensed by number of individuals using a particular mobile app. The underlying "SAP Application" package licenses and related named user licenses also apply.


Mobile infrastructure

  • SAP Afaria® mobile device management (Device)
  • SAP Mobile Platform Developer (User)
  • SAP Mobile Platform (User)
  • SAP Mobile Platform, single app option (Application user)
  • SAP Mobile App Protection by Mocana sin (Devices)

Afaria Multi-Tenant Enterprise Server Licenses

Afaria is an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software platform. It helps large organizations connect mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers to the company network, and to simplify the information technology (IT) tasks associated with buying, deploying, securing and maintaining such devices.

Afaria is the industry's SAP mobile solutions most powerful and flexible mobile device management and security solution for the enterprise. Afaria provides you with a single administrative console to centrally manage, secure and deploy mobile data, applications and device.


Protects your investment

Afaria was built from the ground up for the mobile environment by the company that understands enterprise mobility of SAP mobile solutions.

Provides extensive security

Data and content is backed up and can be deleted if a device is lost or stolen. Sensitive data on devices is encrypted, and security policies are centrally enforced. IT can be confident that sensitive company information is secure outside the office.

Offers centralized, powerful device management

Afaria provides the tools to solve complex mobile management tasks simply and effectively. IT has full control of the range of devices and applications deployed and can view information from a single console on SAP mobile solutions.

Allows IT to deliver fixes, upgrades and refreshes to mobile users in the field

IT can add, update or remove applications, data and content without the users’ involvement and can ensure mobile workers have the correct software and data in the field. Your users can be confident that the data on their devices is up-to-date and reliable.

Minimizes user downtime with bandwidth optimization

All management tasks can be done regardless of bandwidth available, thanks to Afaria’s optimization capabilities. Applications managed with Afaria have continuous, consistent availability and performance. All management activity happens in the background, leaving the user undisturbed.

Afaria is available in on-premises and cloud versions

  • Afaria 250 Multi Tenant Server
  • Afaria 500 Multi Tenant Server
  • Afaria 1000 Multi Tenant Server
  • Afaria Multi Tenant Enterprise Server

Afaria fits into SAP mobile solutions drive to mobilize its applications and processes, while at the same time giving companies a way to secure and manage the very same devices those applications are sitting on.

Afaria Server licenses must be purchased in addition to seat licenses for the Afaria client bundles and/or client components. The Afaria Servers do not include any client licenses. Afaria Enterprise Server supports an unlimited number of concurrent clients. The Afaria 1000-user, 500-user, and 250-user servers are licensed for the stated number of users.


Afaria Enterprise Replication Server

  • Afaria 250 Replication Server
  • Afaria 500 Replication Server
  • Afaria 1000 Replication Server
  • Afaria Enterprise Replication Server

For Afaria Replication Server, additional seat licenses are not required. The Afaria Replication Server license must be of the same capacity as the Afaria Server.

Afaria Device Class

  • Afaria Class A Client - Seat (handhelds/smartphones)
  • Afaria Class B Client - Seat (laptops)

Afaria Channel Development & Test Server

Channel Development & Test Server, licenses an Afaria server for development and testing use only and for a maximum of 10 client seats. The client seats are not included and must be purchased separately.

Afaria Mobile Device Management (MDM) Licenses

Afaria provides the tools to solve complex mobile management tasks simply and effectively. IT has full control of the range of devices and applications deployed and can view information from a single console.

Mobile device management (MDM) software is any application that gives IT administrators a way to troubleshoot and manage employee mobile devices remotely. The advantage of SAP mobile solutions device management software is that IT administrators can manage employee mobile devices without having to troubleshoot the device in person. Mobile device management software is increasingly important as more and more employees use mobile devices for work purposes.


SAP Mobile Solutions Device Management (cloud) and SAP Afaria (on-premise) detect compromised devices, ensure compliance with corporate policies and enable immediate resolution. These industry-leading solutions elegantly scale to safeguard any sized company, from startups to large enterprises with hundreds of thousands, or even millions of devices deployed. 

  • Streamline self-service enrollment for both BYOD and corporate device programs
  • Enforce security policies on all iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices
  • Remotely lock and wipe lost or stolen devices
  • Gain insight into device status with mobile app analytics
  • Scale to meet the demands of your growing business - on-premise or on the SAP Cloud

SAP Sybase Unwired Platform License

Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) is a framework for developing mobile applications that SAP is using both as a development platform and a device management system. SUP offers a number of services for creating mobile apps and is optimised for use in business environments:

Connection to various backend systems

  • Data can be exchanged between the Sybase Unwired Server and various backend systems.
  • These include SAP systems, databases and web services.
  • The Sybase Unwired Server can act as a cache between mobile end devices and backend systems to permit flexible synchronization.

Creation of mobile apps

  • Data exchanges are modelled in a graphical user interface based on Eclipse.
  • User interfaces for simple HTML apps can be implemented using Rapid Application Development. These then run on the end devices within a hybrid web container app.
  • SDKs (software development kits) are available for developing native apps for various end device platforms. These run within the respective applications.


Use of backend services by end devices

The SUP mobile solutions functionality can be used on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices. Offline functionality in custom apps can be achieved on end devices by embedding the appropriate SUP code libraries.

Administering applications and users

Transmission security between the Sybase Unwired Server and the end devices is achieved through various methods such as SSL encryption and reverse proxies. Access permissions for applications, data and users are managed on the Sybase Unwired Platform. Active Directory and SAP roles can also be integrated.

Unwired Platform Architecture

The Unwired Platform architecture includes several major components associated with tiers: server tier, data tier, and client tier.


Server tier

Integrates the server components with back-end enterprise systems, data access and transaction services, device and application deployment, and system management functionality.

Data tier

Stores data retrieved from the backend data sources and other runtime related metadata.

Client tier

Consists of device applications built on top of the Unwired Platform client runtime. 

You can employ different secure application communication styles—replication and messaging—between the client and the server tiers. 

Relay Server

Relay Server enables secure, load-balanced communication between mobile devices and the Unwired Server cluster. Across-the-firewall deployment occurs without opening any internal firewall ports for enterprise mobilization and ensures that data is secure while in transit.

Afaria Server

As a separately licensed and installed component, Afaria Server provides enterprise level device application deployment and device management. Integrated with Unwired Server, the solution supports end-to-end management and security of devices, and over-the-air and push-based deployment of device applications.