Real-Time Customer Experience Tracking. Understand Your Shoppers!

Number of visitors, Conversation rate percentage,  Average visit duration, Number of passersby, Foot Traffic Overview, (Walk-by, Visitors, Browsers, Engagers, Devices) and much more

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Data collection and consumer insights you can count on.

Get valuable insight into what your shoppers are looking for, what store layout is the most effective, and more!

Unique insight into what shoppers want

  • Know how many shoppers pass by your store and come inside
  • Get insight on shoppers that pause to look at your window display
  • Learn the path shoppers take in-store, where they stop and linger, and what displays don’t catch their eye
  • Know how many shoppers interact with a sales associate
  • Discover how long your customers wait in line to make a purchase, and if they leave before getting to the register


Machine Learning AI

FastSensor is leveraging machine learning AI to make for a better customer journey in retail, stadiums, banking, events and other industries.  The task is to use the AI to make predictions based on human behavior generating actionable intelligence to arm the business to better serve its customers.  This helps brick-and-mortar compete with online thereby saving jobs.

Facial-recognition Tech

Everyone is up in arms about facial recognition and having cameras everywhere we go.  This is just the next step of legislation that will continue to tighten the privacy laws.  California, Canada, EU, and Australia already have implemented tighter privacy regulations which will protect individual privacy at the cost of public safety and also at the loss of some technology that many want for making customer experiences better.  

FastSensor was designed with privacy in mind and we are globally compliant.  We enable better customer experiences, better privacy, better understanding of physical spaces, and yes where necessary enhance security that can augment other methods for public safety.

Shoppers Real-time Experience Tracking in brick-and-mortar stores.


Fast Sensor fills your data gaps

  • Data is collected all day, everyday
  • In cases where you have multiple locations, we collect data for each individual store
  • Immediately optimize the in-store shopping experience
  • Aggregate level shopping behavior across all stores
  • Build trend information over time
  • Understand shopping behavior by the time of day, the day of the week, and the time of year
  • Data collected in real-time
  • Immediately available in your customized dashboard

More in-depth than traditional market research

Traditional market research techniques aren’t enough 

  • Snapshot in time
  • Small fraction of your shoppers
  • Often rely on shoppers memory of their experience
  • Data can take weeks to be analyzed and insights generated

You need to know now, how your shoppers and shifting their behavior!

Understand how to effectively present merchandise

The unique data collected by Shopper Analytics can:

  • Help optimize product placement in the store
  • Help optimize displays (placement, size, type, etc
  • Help optimize store layout and design
  • Offer insight on A/B testing product placement, displays, store flow

Get insight on the effectiveness of customer experience and customer service

  • Get more data and insight on the effectiveness of your loyalty programs
  • Track repeat customers and their behavior
  • Track wait times on checkout and customer services desks
  • Track interactions with sales associates
  • Work with other teams to grow the number of satisfied, repeat customers

Although FastSensor is a behavioral analytics data company they get compared to door counters all the time.  This technology is used across a broad range of industries and all revealed through behavior not mechanical counters, beacons or cameras!


Real-Time Citizen Experience Tracking, Smart City Projects

Solutions to urban problems need to evolve in tandem with cities and citizens

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Restaurant Demo – Turn Insights into Action

Get valuable insight into your customer behavior, what staffing is most effective, and more!

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Contact us to learn more about KPIs and Insights for restaurants!

Get valuable insight into what your shoppers are looking for (attraction/dwell), layout & more!

Transfer data without using a wireless network

Safe and Secure

Using our unique software and customizable dashboard, you can rest assured that your data will only be transferred through a secure wireless hotspot. You’ll also have the ability to limit access based on user roles.

Scalable (Effective for merchants of any size)

Whether you have on small, local boutique, multiple car dealerships, or several large scale department stores, FastSensor’s Shopper Analytics can be customized to suit your needs.

Affordable (Accessible for any business owner)

No matter your budget, FastSensor Shopper Analytics is a perfect fit for you. We offer multiple packages with varying price points to ensure that any business owner has the ability to improve their shopper’s experience.


Are you using Retail Analytics to improve the customer experience in your store?

Demo App. Interfaces with FastSensor's dashboard.  

  • Manage check-out lines
  • Evaluate the best store layout and staffing to increase sales
  • Understand shopper's paths and which areas truly engage them
  • Plan effective marketing campaigns and monitor trends
  • And, get personal with targeted messages and in-store coupons

Schedule a consultation about the FastSensor machine learning platform that captures high %90 of all PHYSICAL customers and can provide non-actionable intelligence that can predict propensity to engage or purchase anonymously (GDPR Compliant).  Create a TRUE Omni-channel experience by tying the physical world to the digital world. Ask us how.

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- Ease of Installation 97% 

- Secure Storage 95%

- Easily Customizable Dashboard 89%

- Collects Only Non-Personal Data 100%

- Expert Support 95%

Real-time experience tracking in brick-and-mortar retail stores to improve customer engagement, loyalty and boost sales.

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