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Recommended For You (Environmental Awareness)

Sustainable Engineering

The basis for sustainability in engineering is a profound understanding of the principles of resource efficiency, life cycle thinking, industrial ecology, risk management, and sustainable production and consumption.

Find out about the 

  • Sustainability and Productivity
  • Productivity Automation as a Service
  • eSankey Diagrams *
  • Sustainability contest for social entrepreneurs: Circular Economy 2030
  • Environmental Activists at Global Witness
  • SAP Employee Health and Safety and the revolutionary ERP, S/4HANA

* What are Sankey diagrams? Engineers and environmental scientists will be able to answer this question: Sankey diagrams visualize mass or energy flows with arrows whos magnitude correspond to the quantity of the flow. Visualization is key to understanding. Sankey diagrams immediately draw the focus to the widest flows (i.e. the largest quantities in the system displayed) and are a great way to convey flow data without many words in presentation or reports

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Big Data Services and Consultations

Big Data is the ocean of information we swim in every day – vast zetabytes of data flowing from our computers, mobile devices, and machine sensors. Regain control of your data and maintain an entity-centric enterprise data framework using the SAP Data Management solutions.

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Technology License Sell with Leasing options

We are passionate about ensuring customers succeed through their technology and IT choices. If you are looking to source not only IT equipment but a solution for your business and have finance and leasing options to purchase this equipment, please schedule a consultation.

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Benefit from our IT services strengths with every contract. 


  • Payment within 24 hours*
  • Simple procedures
  • Personal and local service 

Greater Flexibility

  • Lease signed in the shortest possible time
  • Is open to digital transformation
  • Is comfortable with uncertainty
  • Is willing to answer the calls for help
  • Successfully handles multiple demands

Buy Bitcoins online at localbitcoins!

As the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market shoots up, through price movements and a surge in new tokens, regulators around the world are stepping up the debate on oversight into the use and trading of digital assets. This affects all cryptocurrencies, but especially bitcoin, given its market leadership and integration into the global startup ecosystem.

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Bank Transfers, Online Wallets, Pre-Paid Debit Cards, Remittance, Gift Card Codes, Other Payments.


Designing the Smart Bank Space

FastSensor provides an RTLS (real time location services) platform that enables banks to  better manage their branch operations and understand their customers in brick-and-mortar locations.  

Capturing GDPR compliant data coupled with the ability to use with machine learning behavioral analytics, you can manage queue times for the drive through and teller lines, track passive loyalty to branches and ATMS, track effectiveness of employees, and trigger actions based on behavior such as opening teller lines, or alerting someone upon entry to a secure area. Schedule a discussion about the benefits of installing Fastsensor analytics in your branches today.

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PSD2 - Partner Spotlight Featured Banking Services

Enterprise IT considerations for banks & ASPSPs, APIs are just the tip of the iceberg! The Fiorano PSD2 Accelerator is designed to provide banks (ASPSPs in PSD2 terms) with the technology required to meet regulatory obligations, and is designed to sit along side traditional core-banking platforms, well integrated into back-office and front-office functions. 

Uniting a Bank’s Culture Through Collaborative Learning

Contact iPuzzlebiz to get started with the award winning platform that threads all necessary information, knowledge, people and business tools into a single point of productivity, your WorkStreams™

Science & Technology at IPUZZLEBIZ

Whether you're backing up your digitalized family photos on a home computer or millions of business-critical data or devices on your state-of-the-art corporate server, CyberPower has the proven solution.

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* Provided when we have received all the necessary documents. 

Attractive payment options 

Pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Packages can be customized to ensure the optimum solutions to meet individual requirements of an operation.

IT upgrades

The advantage of leasing is that it allows for large-scale IT upgrades at a fraction of the cost of buying outright. Systems and equipment can be regularly changed and updated to ensure the very latest products are used for operations.

Service plus for regular maintenance and/or recurring services

Service plus enables our clients to pay for financing and service in one total payment. You pay one instalment for equipment and services to receive everything from IPUZZLEBIZ as a single source. Regular updates and maintenance will increase your operational reliability.

Financing options with master lease agreement

Designed specifically for start-ups, small-scale / young entrepreneurs and SMEs - this agreement enables you to split your expenditure between as many draw downs as you want! Payment frequency and terms are agreed to suit your business needs and leasing is also highly tax efficient.

Value-added leasing      

Through expert advice, rapid, uncomplicated processing, and online-based support, we make the handling of leasing financing extremely easy, which allows our clients to focus on their own core business.

Advantages of leasing IT equipment 

As computer systems age, they become slower and reduce productivity. In addition, the value of systems decreases significantly over five years. Leasing gives a business the ability to adapt in order to stay ahead, with flexible finance options eliminating the need for the heavy tech spending commitment of purchasing systems outright and freeing up capital for use elsewhere. In addition, this method of gaining IT equipment and IT services speeds up the effective tax-related lifecycle. Packages can be customized to ensure the optimum solutions to meet individual requirements of an operation.


Leasing the latest IT equipment for business owners and entrepreneurs

iPuzzlebiz has partnered with GRENKE, the trusted leader in office communication equipment leasing for over 40 years, to bring our clients the leasing arrangements in a defined number of small-ticket items within a given time period. If you are interested to know how you can take advantage of our IT equipment leasing services, please reach out to us. As always, we are here to help you finance your business.

Leasing with GRENKE is simple and fast. With iPuzzlebiz new one page contract it's even easier!

Reduce costs while getting the right technology for every phase of your business growth, we finance your business!

iPuzzlebiz is an authorized reseller of SYNNEX®. We can finance and lease a wide range of IT equipment and solutions. Select from a vast assortment of cutting-edge IT products and support equipment needs from companies such as: 


  • 3M screen privacy
  • AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)
  • ASUS Computer International
  • ATEN Technology
  • AXIOM Upgrades
  • Brainboxes data & I/O connectivity
  • Compulocks
  • Comsale Refurbished Devices
  • CYBERDYME Network Management
  • CyberPower Systems

  • drobo Sophisticated Storage
  • EATON Power Quality
  • InFocus
  • InfoVista Network Performance
  • intel
  • JOY (thejoyfactory)
  • Lenovo
  • Logitech Video Collaboration
  • Microsoft
  • Minutemanups Power Technologies
  • Philips Monitors
  • QNAP Security
  • Rackmount Network Security Hardware

  • Retrospect Business Backup
  • Seagate Technology
  • Seal Shield
  • StarTech
  • StorageCraft
  • TeamViewer Endpoint Protection and Remote Monitoring & Management
  • Transcend Information
  • Tripplite
  • Yealink (Smart Media Phones)
  • Wacom
  • Westcon Americas

Get software and technology solutions from SAP, the leader in business applications

SAP BI, Mobile, Analytics, Database & Technology

With more companies incorporating SAP on-premise, hosted or in the cloud technologies in workplace, the stage is now set with loads of opportunities all across the world.

We help you extend your digital power through iPuzzlebiz' SAP Partner Open Ecosystem Advisor Support and Technology Best Practices Rapid Deployment Solutions. Customers who are currently running SAP Mobile Platform on premises consider moving to SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services at their convenience.


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A career as an entrepreneur in IT industry

Environmental activists have been using the internet effectively, to create awareness about environment related issues and launch various environmental campaigns. This iterative and incremental approach is promised to evolve by having the role of IT in environment for the benefit of the green campaigns worldwide.

With so many responsibilities vying for attention, staying focused can be a challenge for IT consultants. In today's tech-focused world where and when the options are endless, it is necessary to avoid the traps of being reactive rather than proactive. Check out iPuzzlebiz tips and state-of-the-art technology selection offerings.

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