Chrome Enterprise and Browser Enterprise Support

Chrome Authorized Reseller for Education/Schools, Enterprise and Non-Profit

Securely scale and mobilize your enterprise

Chrome Enterprise enables organizations to create optimal user experiences for increased employee uptime and productivity with managed Google Play, Virtualization, Chrome Sync and browser customizations.

Chrome Enterprise reduces the dependency on internal IT support with regular OS updates, and access to multi-layered, enterprise-grade security features and Google support.

Central IT Management


Create an optimal user experience and increase employee productivity:

  • User and browser sync across devices
  • Virtualize legacy and server-side apps and workspaces
  • Deploy and manage private and public apps with Managed Google Play


Manage your entire fleet of Chrome devices with increased flexibility:

  • Integrate with Microsoft® Active Directory® for authentication, device and user management
  • Manage Chrome devices via Chrome management or select third-party EMMs


Protect your company and user data with multi-layered end-to-end security:

  • Control device access and force re-enrollment
  • Remotely disable and wipe devices
  • Configure user sessions and enable policies


Reduce your IT dependency on reactive user support:

  • Automatic OS and security updates
  • Chrome Remote Desktop
  • 24/7 Enterprise Support

Quality video conferences

Chromebox for Meetings is a cost-efficient and easy-to-use set of tools that offer the ability to quickly access meetings and conference calls enriched with quality video support. They can be implemented in just a few minutes, and it is possible to change the settings and manage them remotely. 

With Chromebox for Meetings, you can share your screen and give presentations remotely, just as if you were there. You can also join discussions with other collaborators via phone if they don’t have access to a webcam or computer. Your long-distance communications don’t have to be complicated.


Additional Information

  • Application Virtualization Support (Included in Chrome OS)
  • Google Play (Included in Chrome OS)
  • Chrome User Preferences Sync (Included in Chrome OS)
  • Cloud & Native Print (Included in Chrome OS)
  • Multi-Layered Security & Automatic Updates (Included in Chrome OS)
  • Chrome Remote Desktop (Included in Chrome OS)
  • Managed Google Play (beta)
  • Managed Chrome Extensions & Browser Management
  • Printer Management
  • Microsoft® Active Directory® Integration
  • Flexible Cloud-Based Fleet Management
  • Single Sign-On Support
  • Public and Ephemeral Sessions & Kiosk Modes
  • Manage Networks & Proxies
  • Managed OS Updates
  • Theft Prevention
  • 24/7 Enterprise Support

Chrome devices

Chrome devices are simple, secure and cost-effective. Available in a variety of form-factors (Chromebook, Chromebox, Chromebase and Chromebit), they increase user engagement and productivity, while streamlining IT operations

Chrome Device Management License

Manage all of your Chrome devices from one single place with the Chrome Device Management license. This license is a perpetual license, which means the license will last the lifetime of the device.

The Chrome Education license includes more than 200+ customizable policies. The Chrome Education license is attached to the device, not the user. This means that customers need to buy the license just once to get the benefits for the life of the device.

License processing takes 48-72 hours.

Chromebooks are easy to setup and manage, quick to start up, and have a battery life that lasts through the school day. The main differences to consider among models are price, size, and optional features like touchscreen capability. We recommend at least 4GB of RAM for better performance when browsing with multiple tabs or running complex applications. 

  • Globally, 80+ million students and teachers are using G Suite for Education.
  • Globally, 40+ million students and teachers are using Google Classroom.
  • Globally, 30+ million students are using Chromebooks.

Advantages of Chromebooks include:

  • Sharability - Students can sign into their accounts from any Chromebook, boot up in seconds, access their personal files and pick up where they left off. Guest mode lets anyone use the device without granting access to personal documents.
  • Security - Built-in virus protection and multiple layers of security ensure schools don’t have to worry about viruses and malware.
  • Simplicity - Configure Chromebooks and manage their settings directly from the browser. Chromebook software updates automatically, so there’s nothing to worry about after the initial setup, and they won’t slow down over time.

Chrome Enterprise license for your Chromebooks

  • Chrome device management with over 200+ policies
  • Flexible EMM and identity options 
  • 24/7 support

Chromebooks feature the lowest total cost of ownership in the market, and G Suite and Classroom are both free for schools. With the Chrome Education license, educators can manage a large number of Chrome devices from a simple cloud-based console. Schedule a consultation for pricing!


Chrome Education License Overview

In a business setting, 70 to 1 is the ideal ratio of users to IT professionals. We know in a school district with thousands of students, that is just not possible. That’s why we offer Chrome Education license to allow you to manage any number of devices from a simple cloud-based console.

Featured HP Chromebook

HP Chromebook 11 G8 EE, The Chromebook built for schools and designed for learning

Help students reach their potential with cloud-first learning on the durable HP Chromebook 11 G8 EE that keeps pace with active student lifestyles while the fast-booting Chrome OS makes IT management easy.

  • A Chromebook built to withstand students and school days
  • Classroom-ready performance
  • Engaging discussions


Google’s web-based admin console makes it simple to configure and manage Chromebooks from a single place. Take advantage of the following features:

  • 100% cloud-based management: Avoid costly local servers or hardware to manage devices. 
  • Seamless setup for all devices: Centrally set all devices’ Wi-Fi settings, proxies and other policies. Register devices to the school’s domain and configure them with a tap.  
  • Access personal files from any device: Automatic cloud backup prevents data loss and allows users to access their files from any device. 
  • Painless content distribution: With bulk content provisioning, teachers and administrators no longer need to configure each device to distribute ebooks, apps and other content. 
  • Easily manage student’s activities: Turn on Single App Kiosk mode to restrict devices to run only one app, minimizing distractions or cheating. 
  • Remote wipe and lockdown : Administrators can lock and remove device data remotely in case of loss or theft.

Let’s explore some of the features available to G Suite Enterprise for Education customers

  • Security Center
  • Data Regions
  • Cloud Search
  • Hangouts Meet advanced features
  • Advanced mobile device management
  • G Suite reports and Gmail logs in BigQuery
  • Third-party archiving product
  • Enhanced Support*

* Enhanced support provides faster response times from a dedicated team of product specialists. Enhanced support is available to institutions who purchase over 200 licenses. Schedule a consultation for pricing!

Google Pixelbook

Built-in reliability

Speed, simplicity, security and shareability along with easy IT and device management

Creative collaboration

Lesson planning, grading homework, collaboration with teacher, colleagues, casting to a white board - the possibilities are endless* 

Google Assistant built-in

Use your voice, press the Assistant key, or circle with Google Pixelbook Pen2 to get help from Google Assistant

School Tech

School Tech

Why Chrome for Devices and Management

The CDM License enables administration and management of multiple devices or users from a single web-based portal by pushing settings over the cloud. Offers 100+ policies built on best practices in education to implement custom management based on organizational, group, and individual needs (can be designed in a similar fashion to Active Directory, BUT can be implemented on the device level). 

This enables greater control, security and manageability of users, software and devices for IT teams, and ultimately savings on both cost and time.

To empower employees with today's best business tools, companies need a browser that supports the latest web standards like HTML5, enables seamless, connected access across multiple devices, and is robust enough to keep company data secure from external threats.

Google Chrome Browser

Connecting employees across any device with secure, trusted access.

Today’s employees work in a multi-device world; working from home, at the airport and even while waiting for meetings to start. And with the average worker using an average of 22 apps across 3 devices to do their job, web browsers have become as core to productivity in the modern enterprise as the operating system itself. 

Chrome Browser provides a trusted, consistent browsing experience across multiple devices. With built-in protections and centralized management for enterprise-wide control, Chrome Browser provides employees the versatility they need while keeping data safe.


Stay Secure

As employees do more in the cloud, safeguards are essential to preserving enterprise data security. Chrome Browser's built-in-protections continually prevent threats to a company, with features such as safe browsing, sandboxing, auto-updates, and support for multi-factor authentication.

Empower Employees

Unlock the web's potential with seamless, consistent access to company data, apps, and cloud services on multiple devices and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Linux, and mobile) when and where employees need it. With millions of browser extensions available, customizing the user experience is simplified, making for productive and satisfied employees.

Manage Centrally

Establish governance to ensure business policies and compliance protocols are effective across all devices and platforms. With over 300 policies available one easy-to-mange console, Chrome Browser gives IT staff unparalleled enterprise-wide control to manage the sites, apps, and extensions employees can access - including where legacy browsers are required.

Chrome Browser is built with the enterprise in mind

Stay Secure

Safe Browsing: Built-in warnings and notifications help ensure users follow the security standards set by Chrome Browser and avoid mistakenly visiting infected sites.

Sandboxing and Site Isolation: Isolate tabs and processes to contain potential threats before they spread.

Security Keys: Support multi-factor authentication, including verification by physical touch to prevent virtual takeovers on sensitive apps and websites.

Auto Updates: Reduce the heavy lifting of patching with automatic security updates run constantly in the background to protect users without getting in their way while the're working online. Enterprises can also choose to manage their updates through policy.

Blacklisting and Whitelisting policies: Enforce policies across a wide range of criteria to control which types of websites, apps, and extensions can be accessed by users.

Empower Employees

Seamless Access: Offer a unified user experience across different devices and operating systems, allowing users to pick up where they left off, with Chrome Sync.

Cross-platform Support: Support all types of users across Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS and mobile devices for a consistent experience.

Mange Centrally

300+ browser policies: Custom policies based on business rules, make it easy to control user permissions, set sign-in restrictions, establish proxies and more.

Legacy Browser Support: Dynamically redirect to legacy browsers for specific apps. Seamlessly send users back to Chrome Browser, limiting the time spent in less secure browsers.

Active Directory and Group Policy support: Granularly manage browser policies at the user level through existing management tools.

Cloud Management: Leverage a single destination for managing browser policies and settings across all Chrome Browser users.