Recruiting essentials to modernize your digital workplace and HR

Step up your hiring game & make more informed hiring decisions


CAMERAPHONE UPLOAD - Employees upload images of licenses, certificates, and more from their phone to your digital filing cabinet

FINGERTIP SIGNATURE - Best in class eSignatures allow employees to sign forms with their fingers on mobile devices

AUTOMATED REMINDERS - System knows who has incorrect or missing information and automatically notifies them via email 

UNLIMITED FORMS - Digitally complete standard federal forms and any custom forms in a secure, cloud-based platform

PAYROLL EXPORT - Easily export all employee information to be imported to your payroll system and eliminate duplicate data entry

ZoomShift is scheduling and time clock software designed for hourly employees. You will save time scheduling, increase accountability, and track timesheets, time offs, and shift swaps from one place.

ZoonShift saves you time scheduling with a beautifully designed schedule maker

With the schedule maker, you can save and apply templates based on your coverage requirements. The schedule maker has robust filtering and sorting options for employees, positions and locations so you can always see the schedule exactly how you want.

Stop trying to keep track of employee requests on paper because you can manage employee time offs, availability preferences, and shift swaps on the schedule maker.

Create fantastic presentations with the help of

artificial intelligence

Slidebean is powered by a genetic algorithm that tests thousands of configurations for every slide in a fraction of a second. We then select the best one, based on a series of traits we’ve predefined. 

Quiz Maker for Business

Interact is the leader in helping entrepreneurs, creatives, and businesses leverage quizzes for lead generation and growing relationships.


VIVAHR is the only applicant tracking system on the market that provides your HR team with the tools to make them recruitment marketing experts.

Recruitee is Software as a service (Saas) that functions as a Talent Acquisition Platform, formerly known as an applicant tracking system (ATS). It includes a careers site editor for employer branding, a plugin for sourcing (personnel), job board integration, email and calendar synchronization. 

Within 4 months after its public launch in August 2015, Recruitee attracted over 1000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and recruiting agencies worldwide.

  • Users can customize the hiring pipeline for each job opening. Users can drag and drop candidates' profiles to different stages as they move along the hiring process.[8] Users can post job openings to free and paid job boards from Recruitee. 
  • Users can bulk upload résumés, synchronize emails and calendars to Recruitee and Users can send bulk emails to candidates. 
  • Users can import potential candidates from websites by using Recruitee's sourcing extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. 
  • Users can make careers sites to showcase their employer branding like company, team, and culture. 

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Reporting & Analytics

Get actionable insight into every facet of your recruiting process so you can improve your process and make better, more informed hiring decisions in less time.

Candidate Management

Get a bird’s eye view of your candidate pipeline our visual drop & drop interface. Customize pipelines for different roles, automate communication, tasks, scheduling and follow-ups.

Email, SMS & Scheduling

Automate candidate emails, SMS messages, scheduling, and interview management, discover customization that gives you time for real, quality conversations with candidates.

Advertise Your Jobs

Create the perfect job description once and advertise it on over 50 job boards with a single click. Choose from dozens of premium boards to attract harder to reach candidate.

Source Candidates

Get proactive in your persuit of top talent. Our sourcing extension makes it quick and easy find and import candidates from all your the best places in just a few clicks.

Career Portal

Encourage inbound applicants and further your employer brand with both Career and Employee Referral Portals that are easy to build, goof-proof, and automatically beautiful.

A fully-featured HR platform with modules like Timesheets, Shift scheduling, Expenses and Performance

Leave management - Handle time off approvals digitally

Timesheets - A fast, easy way for employees to track overtime

Shift scheduling - Flexible & functional shift planning module

Expenses - Submit & manage company expenses from mobile app

Reporting - Instant, interactive HR reports

Mobile - Your HR on-the-go with native mobile apps

Onboarding - Organised onboarding process for new starters

Self-service - Fully mobile self-service for your employees

Integrations - Integrate with the apps you already use


SAP Jam Collaboration

Enterprise collaboration solution that allows you to improve communication between partners, customers and employees by providing them with secure access to the information they need.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Integrated core business applications
  • Knowledge sharing with extended teams
  • Collaborative tools and documents

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